Watch A Prankster Put A Parking Clamp On Random Cars, Bikes... People

Nothing is funnier than finding out that your car has been booted! I get a serious case of the LOLs every time that happens to me. So when this prankster tries to boot innocent people in England, you can just imagine the rip-roaring laugh fest that results!


Well, maybe it's not that funny. But it is somewhat humorous to watch prankster "Callux" from the Fast, Furious & Funny channel pose as a traffic warden and go around clamping people's vehicles needlessly. The highlight is when he clamps an old woman's wheelchair at a bus stop.


Somewhat surprisingly, he doesn't get his ass kicked. One guy even buys him lunch to get the boot off. Way to stay mellow, England.

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I tried to find the humor in this video but couldn't. Am I missing something?