Steve Millen is crazy and, in case you didn't already know that, here's more proof. It's Millen and his Stillen R35 GT-R racing acrobatic chopper pilot Leigh Hopper's Eurocopter "Squirrel" at the Targa New Zealand. Who will win? More importantly, has Top Gear already taken all the really good car stunts?

It was the second day of the Targa New Zealand race and the competitors were at a scheduled pit stop at the Sunny Hills Airport in Wakworth. In typical Millen fashion, he managed to get "talked into" a drag race with chopper ace Hopper.

Thankfully, Jalopnik pal Tom Reynolds was around to capture the in-car video of the race. In addition to the video above you can see his hybrid racing view here.

Millen and Hopper raced twice, with the GT-R besting the chopper in the first round but the Squirrel ultimately using its speed to outpace Godzilla, which has been ECU-limited to a top speed of 124 mph because of racing regulations.


How about a rematch with the governors off, fellas?

(Hat tip to Stillen and Thomas Reynolds!)