Watch A NASCAR V8-Powered Toyota Hilux Do Burnouts Until The Truck Catches Fire

You know a burnout is awesome when it sprinkles the camera lens with bits of shredded rubber. Shredding tires until the truck itself catches on fire is how you know—for sure—that you’ve burned out all that you can possibly burn out. Watch this incredible feat of super ultra maximum burnout afterburn.

Naturally, this is from Australia, so they refer to this as a “ute” instead of a “truck.” No matter what you call it, it’s beyond rad, packing a loud NASCAR-spec V8 up front and tires that emit fancy colored smoke when roasted in the back.


The tires popped and the duo inside hopped out to celebrate, and then they kept burning out the shredded rubber flaps still clinging on for dear life on their way off of the burnout pad.

Unfortunately, this burnout machine then burned all the way out, such that its spectacular noise-factory of an engine blew right up. Fortunately, the crew of this truck named “Luxury” hopped out without getting burnt themselves, and crews were able to put out the flames quickly.

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