Car Punches Through Tire Barrier At NASCAR Sprint Cup Race

NASCAR had a red flag of its own today when the Sprint Cup race at Sonoma Raceway had to be stopped briefly to repair the tire barrier that Martin Truex Jr.’s car annihilated.


Contact with David Ragan as the two cars ran two-wide sent Truex Jr. into a spin and ultimately through the tire barrier. The race had to be halted to make the repairs needed to the barrier.

Thankfully, Truex Jr. didn’t appear to be hurt in the shunt, although this will end his 14-race streak of top 10 finishes. He was the first driver since Richard Petty to achieve that feat.


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I love NASCAR road racing because the cars are so damn awkward and uncomfortable doing it with that said it was a fun race and finally the fox sports section of the season is over.