Watch A Motorcycle Explode Into A Fireball In The Middle Of A Moto2 Race

A fuel tank exploded in the middle of the track during the second race of the CEV Moto2 European Championship in Aragon, Spain yesterday, engulfing multiple racers in flames but luckily resulting in no serious injuries.


Moto2 racer Xavi Cardelús crashed on the opening lap of the race, separating his fuel take and sending it flying right into the path of the rest of the field. Another rider collided with the tank causing a massive fireball engulfing multiple racers.


Surprisingly no major injuries were reported from the crash or resulting explosion.

South African Steven Odendaal went on to win the race, with France’s Alan Techer and Japan’s Tetsuta Nagashima coming in second and third, respectively.

Via SBNation

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Everytime I see the word “fireball” this gets stuck in my head.

I don’t hate it, tho.