Watch A Man Beg Others To Call Police As He Clings To A Speeding Truck

This weekend, a man claims he was hit by a truck in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But instead of getting run over, he jumped, landed on the hood, and yelled for other drivers to call the police as they sped down the highway.

A woman driving a few lanes over captured this video of the man on the hood of the car. For being on the hood of a speeding car, he sounds a little anxious, but is surprisingly calm. And for seeing someone on the hood of a speeding car, the woman taking the video also seems very calm.

You'd think that there would be some sort of urgency from either of them, considering what's going on.


According to police, what actually happened was the man on the hood was selling shrimp by the side of the road, when the pickup truck driver pulled over and took his sign... for some reason. The shrimp salesman jumped on the hood of the car as the pickup truck driver drove away. And this is the result. And, for once, it didn't happen in Florida.

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