Watch a lunatic chase cops around an airport in a stolen fire truck

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These police officers at the Cork Airport in Ireland have it all wrong. First they let 37-year-old Edmond Stapleton steal their SUV at knife-point, and then they let him chase them around the airport. Quick, someone cue up the Benny Hill Music.

It actually started earlier in the day when Stapleton Stole a police traffic enforcement vehicle from the local police. He then made his way to the airport and stole this fire department vehicle AT KNIFEPOINT (btw, Irish cops are way laid back, apparently.)


The chase picks up a few minutes into the encounter as police start chasing the SUV and then he starts chasing them. Eventually, a fire truck tries to help. It takes a few more minutes but eventually every police vehicle in all of Cork arrives to put him in jail.

And the crowd goes wild...

(Hat tip to Rory!)