Watch A Legendary Ford RS200 Evolution Eat It At Goodwood

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is going on right now, which means we get to watch some tasty, tasty delights race up a British driveway. One of those delish numbers was supposed to be a Ford RS200 Evolution 2, until it crashed directly into some hay bales.

And before you go “HAR HAR HAR I AM THE GREATEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD WHO EVER CRASHED THAT CAR SUXXXXXXXXXX Y0,” the driver in question is named Pat Doran, and he’s a four-time British rallycross champion.


The man knows what he’s doing, is all I’m saying. Crashes happen to the best of us, and Pat seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing.

The car, on the other hand, isn’t in such good spirits. But that’s okay, because it’s an RS200 Evolution 2. I’ll let Hemmings explain what the difference is between the regular, already-legendary Rs200, and the Evolution models:

Evolution models received a 2.1-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, rated at a minimum of 600 horsepower in “stock” trim, though the use of larger turbos, bigger intercoolers, a variable-boost controller and updated tuning could produce outputs as high as 900 horsepower. Torque could be split three different ways, including 100-percent rear; 63-percent rear and 37-percent front; and 50:50, depending upon road conditions and driver preference. Performance of Evolution models, even in stock form, was impressive, with the run from 0-60 MPH taking just three seconds and the run from 0-100 MPH taking a mere five.

Let’s see you try to drive that beast up a hill.

(You can’t, you’d probably die.)

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Did someone say Ford RS200? I love this photo!