Watch A Le Mans Prototype Explode Into Confetti Like A Giant Piñata

Olivier Pla of G-Drive Racing isn't having a great day in his World Endurance Championship prototype racer. Brake failure caused Pla to miss a braking point at the 6 Hours of São Paulo and whack into one of Interlagos' barriers at speed. The resulting smash looks more like an exploding piñata than a race car.

Pla's right front brake disc exploded under heavy load, taking G-Drive's LMP2 championship hopes with it. Luckily, Pla was unharmed, but now this means that the #27 SMP Racing Oreca-Nissan merely has to finish the race to take both of the 2014 season LMP2 championship titles that are up for grabs this weekend.


Prototype racers are notorious for leaving jagged shards of carbon fiber and other space-age construction materials all over the track when they crash. Worst. Confetti. Ever.

Pla struggles to move his car out of harm's way after the crash. This crash made him out-hellaflush the hellaflush set, and that sideways front wheel wouldn't let him drive all the way back to the pits. Poor Pla pulled it into the run-off area instead, where he had to wait to be retrieved.

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