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Watch A Lamborghini Huracan Driver Go Ape On A Passing Photographer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You would think if you were driving a brand-spanking new Lamborghini Huracan, you'd want some attention. But when a passing photographer drove alongside to get some footage of the car, the Lamborghini driver didn't like it. He decided to go nuts, and he brought in backup.


The video starts out a little slow, but photographer Jason Thorgalsen spotted the Huracan driving today in Florida. Being a photographer, he tried to grab some shots of the car, just like many of us car nuts would do when we see a brand-new Lamborghini, possibly even a prototype, in the flesh.

That was fine, for a while. And then the Lamborghini driver started getting pissed, tried to get evasive, and finally called in some goon to mean-mug at Jason from behind the wheel of Audi A8. From Jason's video description:

This test mule has been spotted all over the Gulf Coast of Florida since the beginning of 2014 and after months of hearing about the car I finally saw it driving on the highway with my camera in hand. The driver didn't seem to mind people driving along the side of him taking cell phone pictures but he obviously had an issue seeing the camera I was using to take pictures and video of the car.

After driving along for awhile an Audi A8 showed up and immediately cut me off. After trying to block me from making any lane change I got around the Audi to continue on my way. As I approached the exit with the 2 cars behind me I was amazed the Audi forced his way on my right hand side and blocked my car from getting off the highway as the Lamborghini pulled in behind me. I have seen plenty of prototypes driving on the road well before production so I was shocked the driver of the Lamborghini was exiting the vehicle on the side of the highway and approaching my car. He immediately started yelling at me trying to intimidate me which I couldn't be bothered by but when he reached inside of my car and shoved my camera he escalated the situation which I decided it was time to call the police before he continued any further. Like the coward he is he promptly got back in the Lamborghini when he realized I was calling 911 and took off while the Audi sat there for a few minutes blocking my car from exiting the highway.

I hope Volkswagen Audi Group sees this video and shows who they have representing their brand. What a shame!!


The real kicker comes at around 4:45 in.

We can't independently confirm whether or not this is a Huracan prototype, or if somebody just happened to get their hands on a Huracan a bit on the early side. The driver may have even been from a local dealership, for that matter. So at this point, I'm not going to go ahead and concur that it is a "Lamborghini Huracan prototype driver," as the video title and description states.

But it definitely is possible.

This sort of thing would be highly unusual for any sort of professional driver, let alone someone from the VW Auto Group. I'm not too sure on the driver's provenance, especially as he looks more like the superintendent in my apartment buildng (sorry, Joe) than he does real Lamborghini Test Driver Max Venturi, but he does have the goon in the Audi with him.


For all we know, it could just be unfortunate for Lamborghini that such a person would ever be associated with them, even if Lamborghinis are the most hot-blooded Italian cars.

We've reached out to our contacts at Lamborghini for comment, and will let you know when we hear back.


UPDATE: We've heard back from our contact with Lamborghini, and while they are still looking into the matter, "it's fair to say this isn't a direct employee of Lamborghini."

H/t to GTSpirit!