Watch a Jeep CJ-7 Beast-Mode This Alaska Road Destroyed By an Earthquake

Screenshot: ViralHog (YouTube)
Screenshot: ViralHog (YouTube)
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A devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Alaska late last month, leaving the state’s roads in shambles, and littered with enormous sinkholes. But that didn’t stop one man from taking his lifted, big tire-having Jeep CJ-7 over a mangled mess of dirt and rock that was once a street. Watch as his Jeep makes the impassable look easy.

According to ViralHog, the YouTube channel that posted the video, this went down in Wasilla, Alaska, on a sinkhole near the gentleman’s house. The best part of the clip is the beginning, when which a child can be heard yelling “Don’t do it!” as the Jeep drives down a steep slope, and then drops off a fairly tall ledge:

Thanks to lots of ground clearance and solid approach, departure, and breakover angles, the Jeep makes it over the jagged road without issue. It’s pretty impressive, even if I myself would have been worried about the road collapsing further under the weight of the Jeep.

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This is the part that will stop cars and many CUVs/SUVs from getting past:

Now having said that, I wonder why the owner of the Honda Accord at the far end can’t get around on the left side the way the Jeep did.

And the maker of the video needs a kick in the ass for recording in portrait mode!