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We love Lamborghini randomness. Like this video — purportedly filmed for Issue No. 10 of Lamborghini Magazine — of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale doing a strange, snowy road dance with a black helicopter.


The chopper appears to be along for the filming, but gets in on the hoonage, dipping out of sight into perilous canyons as the supercar drifts around scary looking hairpins on a treacherous, snow covered mountain road.


It's no surprise that those intimidating mountains are in Romania, not far from Dracula's old stomping grounds. The driver whips around corners with undead-like unconcern for personal injury, so we wondered if that's who was behind the wheel. But it turned out to be French driver Sebastien Mordillo, who doesn't appear to be one of the Nosferatu.

I'd like to see this video redone with a black Lambo being chased by a massive black coach drawn by a team of snorting black steeds, and an ominous bunch of bats hovering around the chopper. It's believable. We all know vampires love a Lamborghini. (Hat tip to Baber K. Khan!)


Video credit: OLAF HAUSCHULZ/Lamborghini Magazine

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