Watch A Gorgeous Pocket Classic Put Your Power Wheels To Shame

Alright, so it's more of a go-kart than a Power Wheels, but even that comparison doesn't do it justice. It's what a fabulously wealthy Pee-Wee Herman would drive, if Pee-Wee Herman had nothing but impeccable taste (I'm not saying he didn't). And this Pocket Classics AC Cobra is just gorgeous.

The technical specs read better than most road-going cars, in addition to that beautiful bodywork. A semi-automatic gearbox, independent coilover suspension, Brembo disc brakes, even an air-cooled engine, and all for only £7,995, according to the Pocket Classics website. Oh, and you can also get a Ferrari 250 California, an Aston Martin DB5, a Jaguar XK120, or a Citroen DS. Jason Wen, who shot this fantastically shot video, explained a little bit more about the car in an email he sent to us:

The fibreglass shell is designed after the Cobra and uses a 110cc 4 stroke air cooled engine, powering the rear wheels, with a 3 forward speed transmission and reverse. It's not road legal, which is why we were driving it in the country on private land. It had just been sold and we were taking it out for a last drive. I used it as an opportunity to shoot a short video. I decided to leave music out, so we can clearly hear the engine.

It was my first time seeing one of their cars and I can say it was a blast. It feels really light and nimble compared to the normal go karts I've driven. You can easily fit an adult and one child in the vehicle. It has fully independent suspension and super grabby Brembos. In fact, maybe a bit overkill and too immediate for my taste. The pedals are fully adjustable. We were driving it for hours on the bumpy country road you see in the video and the car didn't skip a beat. I was really surprised by its robustness and quality of the construction. It's definitely not a cheap toy.


Alright, so it's either this, or a gently used Saab 9-2X Aero. Why is this a hard decision?

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