Watch A Go Kart Racer Hit The Pavement At 70 MPH

Karting is the purest form of motorsports that you can participate in today. There is no ABS, no traction control, and no power steering. Instead, there is a seat (without a seat belt), a small motor to your right, and a helmet on your head.


And crashes are bad and happen fast.

At the WSK Master race in La Conca, Italy, a driver pulled out of the pits right in front of a racer going 70 MPH. That may not sound fast, but in a kart that's one inch off the ground, it's insanity. It's amazing that nobody is injured in the flip that resulted.

This guy is lucky he'll just be sore the next day.

Now, you're probably thinking he should have seen and avoided it, but that's easier said than done. Closing rates on vastly slower karts can be difficult to judge. Also, some racers can be unpredictable and will pull moves you never expect.

Trust me, I was in an eerily similar crash with a slower kart about a decade ago and still have a fairly substantial battle wound to show for it.

But don't cry for me Argentina; karting is still the most awesome form of motorsports out there.



This video has caused quite a debate in karting circles. If you look at the right of the screen you can see that he's tucked his head down behind the wheel to eke out an extra 0.0001mph. This is common behaviour, but you have to do it right - this kid is doing it wrong, he's jammed his head down so far down behind his digidash he can't see what's in front of him, with predictable results. Admittedly the pit exit at La Conca is in a bit of a silly place, but the lines on the road make it obvious that the exit is coming up and that you should pull out slightly.