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Formula car racing is nuts. Your bum is mere inches off the ground and the wheels and suspension are right there, out in the open. Graze your competitors a bit in a pass and your race is usually over. Here's a guy who makes twelve clean passes to work up to the front.


Welcome to Onboard of the Week, a feature where we spend that pesky time between race...*sigh* seasons looking at awesome footage from inside the car.

This is Bill Wise's Reynard 90SF at Grattan Raceway, and this race reminded him so much of a video game that he edited his onboard video to look like one.


Where else do you get to start from the very back row and knock off the entire field in front of you? Uh, well, usually in Forza, but in real life is way better.

Wise forgot to bring rain tires, so he missed out on a wet qualifying session. That put him at the very back for the start of the race, but he didn't stay there for long!

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