Watch A Diesel Volkswagen SUV Obliterate A Chevy Truck In A Tug-Of-War

Man, it's been a rough couple of weeks for Chevy trucks. First one gets publicly humiliated by a Dodge truck in a tug-of-war that was probably allowed to go on too long, and now another one gets soundly trumped by some German engineering.

In this video, we see a Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI pretty soundly destroy a Chevy Duramax truck in a bumper pull. And this one was more of a fair fight than the first, as both vehicles involved were diesels this time. Not sure whose brilliant idea it was to put a family-hauling SUV against a huge American truck, but it's fun to watch the underdog come out on top.


What tug-of-war scenario would you like to see?

Hat tip to Superkiwizorro, @Bit Crusher! and others

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Aw. Your gigantic, diesel powered, lifted, 22" rim equipped Brotruck compensation for your insufficient "equipment" was proved to be just as flaccid and unimpressive as said "equipment".

At least women laughing hysterically at your underwhelming performance is something you are used to by now.