Watch a cop go car surfing on his cruiser

The car-surfing craze may have peaked here in the United States, but it's only aged just enough for it to be cool to an Quebec police officer who didn't think about who might be filming his fantôme ride.


According to the Ottawa Sun, the videographer who caught the stunt says he was upset that a cop would pull the same "Batman" trick that his police agency had protested against. (Related: There's not a lot to do in rural Quebec.) Police officials have launched a full investigation, which will involve massive amounts of paperwork, coffee and hilarious blunders, based on my viewing of "Due South" episodes.



From the article "The car-surfing cop appeared to be taking video or photos, which would suggest he was reconstructing an accident. There had been a major collision between a car and a transport truck the previous day."

You can see the truck and another cruiser at the very end of the video. Looks like a cop thought he was being clever documenting the scene. And i'm gonna bet there was another officer inside, driving the car.