Watch a Chevy Lumina Drive Down a Highway With Lumber Protruding From Its Open Doors

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Screenshot: David Fafinski (Facebook)

Earlier this month, a man named David Fafinski from Ontario, Canada posted to Facebook a video of a Chevrolet Lumina driver carrying loads of wood in the rear seat and what looks like a giant piece of furniture in the trunk. In a baffling example of why pickup trucks exist, the car drove down the road with its rear doors and trunk lid wide open.


“Yeah this really happened I [sic] front of me,” was Fafinski’s description of what he saw on Queen Elizabeth Way, not too far from Hamilton, Ontario according to CBC. And it’s an appropriate caption, because the clip is downright wacky:

The car appears to be a burgundy first-generation Chevrolet Lumina carrying wood that’s far too big its puny rear seat and trunk area. CBC got Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt’s take on the Facebook post. Here’s what he had to say:

“That’s an unsafe vehicle there. Doors open — who knows what could come flying out of there,” he said. “That’s not anything you ever expect to see on the highway.

“It’s just straight out ridiculous.”

In a follow-up story, CBC reports that this silly video helped police identify a vehicle allegedly involved in multiple break-ins. From the story:

Police say thanks to that video and reporting, an officer identified the car as one involved in a series of break and enters.

On Thursday, police say they went to a home on Bow Valley Drive and took the vehicle.

As a result, they say a 42-year-old man and 42-year old woman, both from Hamilton have been charged with break and enter.

Driving around with your sedan’s doors open, carrying cargo that’s too long to haul properly, is obviously not a great idea. Perhaps if all that wood were well-secured, the doors weren’t open quite so wide, and the vehicle was driving slowly in a rural part part of the country, I might give it a pass. But on a busy highway? No. It’s just not worth the risk.

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