What’s America’s Russian Nuclear War Plan?

There is a shorter version on this channel, but I suggest watching the entire nearly 30 minute video. It’s a great gut punch for a Friday afternoon. Live it up this weekend friends, you never know when the hellfire will come!


The channel its posted on, however, is also a fairly curious. It comes, not from a history or policy channel, but from Modern Muscle, a fairly popular YouTube channel with around 306,000 subscribers and several videos with views in the millions. From what I can tell, 99 percent of his content is car related. Beside a video about banned shoes and, of course, the absolutely harrowing video on nuclear war, it seems Modern Muscle makes its bag from automotive listicles (no shame). From videos like 5 Car Mods You Should Never Buy! you can hear its the same narrator, though with a definite tone shift:

5 Car Mods You Should NEVER Buy!

I reached out to Modern Muscle via the channels YouTube page just to ask so, what’s up with this? But haven’t received a reply. Yet. However, I hold out hope, because anyone this into both cars and nuclear policy has to be gold star friendship material.