Watch a bus driver configure a smartphone while driving with his elbows

What is so important that this Italian bus driver feels the need to use two cellphones simultaneously while driving a bus full of passengers with his elbows? Calling technical support on one phone to set his Internet and email settings on the other one.


A rough translation:

Driver: Yes, I would like to make sure my email is sent immediately to my new phone... yes... I have two cellphones now because I'm so rich. I've got this great job as a bus driver... yeah... username is pointyboy32@ragazzemail dot com... password... oblivious... hold on I've got to change lanes... yes, I'm driving... what's the big deal?


He's since been suspended.

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Brian, The Life of

If he was an American bus driver at least two people would've been injured/killed is the time it took to film that 2:15 segment.