You would think crashing your blown high horsepower '57 Chevy drag car on a pass down the strip would be bad enough, but in this case it was only the beginning.


The destruction shown above was certainly enough to devastate any car lover, but you'll have to continue watching the video below to see the most painful part. Unfortunately after rolling over on a pass, the Chevy caught fire (video below) and didn't stop burning.

Armed only with fire extinguishers, the track staff at Capitol Raceway in Maryland was unable to control the blaze. By the time a local volunteer fire department arrived 20 minutes later and finally extinguished the flames, the car was a total loss.


Luckily driver Vinnie Dirose managed to escape any injury in the crash and resulting fire, besides the pain of watching his tri-five burn to the ground. According to this thread on it appears what is left of the '57 Chevy will be used as a starting point for a full rebuild.

(NSFW language)

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