Watch A $250,000 McLaren's Passenger Chase After A Skateboarder Who Smashed The Windshield

Photo: Paul Gonzo/YouTube
Photo: Paul Gonzo/YouTube

A recent video uploaded to YouTube shows what happens after a skateboarder decides to smash the windshield of a $250,000 McLaren 12C. Hide your children, for supercar carnage lies ahead.


This video, uploaded to YouTube by Paul Gonzo, shows a McLaren 12C roll up to a stop sign, but instead of stopping at the line, it continues into a crosswalk. SB Nation says witnesses claim the skateboarder fell off his board, after which the McLaren driver honked (the sound from the video seems to support these claims).

That’s when the skateboarder got pissed and did something stupid.

That poor McLaren.

Don’t get me wrong, if I were rolling on my board on a nice evening in Denver, and some guy in a supercar rolled into the crosswalk and caused me to fall, I’d be pretty pissed, too. But I definitely wouldn’t take my anger out on a gorgeous McLaren. It’s the innocent party, here! It merely takes commands from its driver.

Jeez. Yet another injured supercar—all in the same week.

EDIT: SB Nation says the skateboarder fell off his board, not that he was necessarily knocked down by the car. Also, clearly that’s the passenger—not the driver—chasing after the skateboarder. The article has been tweaked for accuracy.

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Kat Callahan

That was a very idiotic move by the skateboarder. Evidence seems to suggest he would have had a strong case to go after the McLaren driver. But now he’s the alleged criminal and not the victim. :/