Earlier this year, I got my first drag racing experience in a pre-production 2013 SRT Viper GTS. On a slick course and street tires, I ran a respectable 12.12 at 125 MPH. Turns out I was barely scratching the surface of what the Viper can do.


The folks at Drag Times got a hold of a brand new SRT Viper that was riding on a set of sticky Mickey Thompson Drag Radials.


With a proper burnout to warm up the tires and working traction control, the Viper, which looks amazing in white, managed to get down the quarter in 11.1 at 127.4 MPH. That's a one second and two MPH improvement over what I was able to manage in a bone stock car.

Weather for their run wasn't optimal, so I expect that the Viper could get into the 10s on a day with more appropriate conditions. Still, 11.1 is incredibly fast.

(Hat Tip to fikse!)

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