Watch 1,137 Horses Of Combined Wagon Power Storm Down The Drag Strip

Do you like fast wagons? I like fast wagons. Who doesn’t like fast wagons? Here are two incredibly overpowered estate cars, making some noise and drag racing. Let’s all be sad now that Audi won’t sell us the RS6 Avant, but at least we can buy the Mercedes-AMG E63.

Top Gear Magazine pitted the 560 hp Audi RS6 Avant against the 577 hp Mercedes E63 wagon in a quarter-mile drag race. Unlike the E63 that we get here in the States, this Mercedes is rear-wheel-drive. Despite being slightly down on power, the Audi’s AWD traction gives it a bit of an advantage.

Though I think we can safely say that as long as the Germans are offering wagons with this much speed everyone wins.

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