Wasted Grandma Has 10-Year-Old Grandson Drive Her Home

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Listen folks, driving drunk is a terrible idea. Designating a sober driver while you're throwin' 'em back? That's a great idea, except when that sober driver is your ten-year-old grandchild.


Police in Kenner, Louisiana arrested Brenda Byrd for letting her ten-year-old grandson drive her and her friend home after a "spirited" Tuesday night. Apparently these ladies got hammered and decided that a sober designated driver was in order. Normally, that sounds like a pretty responsible decision on their part, except that the designated driver could barely see over the steering wheel.

According to Kenner Police, witnesses called 911 after seeing an SUV traveling very slowly down the road, swerving in and out of its lane. The police showed up, saw the little kid behind the wheel, questioned the two drunken ladies, and made the arrests.


Police charged the two women with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle. Not only that, but the police took Byrd's grandchildren into protected custody.

When will people learn that small children shouldn't drive?

(Hat Tip to Thomas!)

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This kinda isnt the same, but somewhat relevant i think. Before my mom passed away from Ovarian cancer she was REALLY sick and in constant pain almost 24/7. I was only 13 and she was a single mom with little help (she didnt even like going to the government for help because she "Didn't want us to be a part of the system" as in when she died I'd most likely become a orphan). Anyway since she was in so much pain, after a while she would ask me to drive the car for her. She gave me little lessons and there i was 13 years old driving a car for my sick mother. Obviously i still looked very young so the one time i did get pulled over (with my mom in the car of course) she explained everything and he let us go. I dont know how this story is relevant to the article but i just felt like telling it.