Wanted Man 'Pilots' Cocaine-Laden Porsche Six Miles While Unconscious

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Zhen Yin was reportedly zooming down a Jiangxi, China freeway on a drug bender when he slammed his Porsche Cayenne into the back of a semi-truck so hard his SUV got wedged under its bumper and dragged for some six miles while Yin was passed out.

Xiong Feng, driving the semi-truck, was apparently oblivious to his "extra cargo." Not too hard to believe considering it's square in the truck's blind spot, and I guess the extra resistance didn't make much of a difference to him either... but you'd sure think he would have heard or felt the initial impact.


News outfits are all saying that when the bungled-up "towing situation" was finally brought to a halt and cops showed up on-scene, they realized the Cayenne was driven by a wanted drug dealer and the SUV was full of cocaine. Police officials are being quoted as saying "Passing out on coke in a Porsche full of drugs should see him behind bars for a while," but Yin's penalty could be a lot steeper... drug possession can carry the death penalty in China.

No one seems to be reporting on what Yin's condition was as he was extracted from the Porsche, besides loopy... but the cockpit of the Cayenne looks completely worked.

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how do you pass out from a stimulant?