Wanted: A Pontiac Aztec, Top Dollar Paid

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The great orator Elbert Green Hubbard once said, "Never explain. Your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway." And that's probably the best advice anyone could give this dollar-sign-happy seeker of the ugliest car ever built. It just goes to show, as Hubbard also said, "Life is just one damned thing after another." [Thanks to joemamma for the tip.]


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@legerdemain, @78TLC, @Packa: This is possibly the deepest conversation I've ever read about the Pontiac Aztek. Normally it's just a bunch of 10-year olds going "z0mg this is ugly n American cars r t3h SUKC!!!!"

It did have tons of good options though. The Biking package came with an interior bike rack, the Hiking package came with backpacks that could be stashed to the front seatbacks, the center console had a cooler, and everything else could be hosed down. And if anything, we can credit it for jumping the shark and Pontiac's rejection of body cladding and actually paying attention to interiors.

Then again, there's a red one at Syracuse that somebody put big black dots on, so apparently it's supposed to look like a ladybug. An old bald guy drives it. It's rather embarrassing. He'll probably be my professor next semester...