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We're living in pretty interesting times. France just elected a right-of-center president while neo-con to the nth degree Paul Wolfowitz is stepping down as president of the World Bank. Chuck Schumer and Di Feinstein are calling for a vote of no confidence against Alberto Gonzales. Who, by the way, was trying to get John Ashcroft to sign away the 4th Amendment while the latter was in hospital. Jerry Falwell's carcass was found in his office and Larry Flynt said the dead sack of shit Reverend was his friend. Oh, and there's a war (still) going on. Also, craziest of all, Brett Favre might want to be traded. So what do we here at Jalopnik discuss during these historic times? Make that jump; find out.

[19:10] Davey G: FAF!
[19:11] Loverman: DAF!
[19:14] Davey G: Dude, wait'll you see what I've got coming up.
[19:15] Loverman: give me a hint?
[19:21] Davey G: Yes. It's that god.
[19:21] Davey G: Good and God.
[19:21] Loverman: the 2CV thingy?
[19:26] Davey G: Yurp.
[19:26] Loverman: pretty good
[19:27] Davey G: Dude. Jerry Reed + 2CV? It doesn't matter if the hoonage is lacking a bit. It rules simply on principle.
[19:28] Loverman: yeah...
[19:28] Loverman: its ok
[19:28] Davey G: Because what did the 2CV give us, Jonny Lieberman?
[19:28] Loverman: Body lean?
[19:28] Loverman: buckets and buckets of body Lean?
[19:28] Davey G: More importantly.
[19:29] Loverman: Um... Good Clarkson clips?
[19:29] Loverman: (I ain't saying it)
[19:29] Davey G: Say it, bitch!
[19:29] Davey G: Say its name!
[19:29] Loverman: No!
[19:29] Davey G: YES!
[19:29] Loverman: Holland is the greatest country that borders Belgium
[19:30] Davey G: Feh.
[19:30] Loverman: leave me alone
[19:30] Davey G: Citroën is wackier than DAF, and you know it.
[19:30] Davey G: DAF never built anything with a Maserati motor.
[19:30] Loverman: FUCKING RUBBER BAND DRIVE!!!
[19:31] Loverman: You can't front on that!
[19:31] Davey G: Hydropneumatic suspension!
[19:31] Davey G: Three-wheel motion while escaping assassins!
[19:31] Loverman: Dude, air-cooled with rubber bands
[19:31] Loverman: I mean... what else do you need?
[19:31] Davey G: Hey, I threw some DAF props today.
[19:31] Davey G: Did you notice the Volvo 66s?
[19:32] Loverman: yes, very good
[19:32] Davey G: I'm just saying, Citroën was, as a whole, wackier than DAF.
[19:32] Davey G: Now, I concede that the whole of DAF out-wackies the FAF project.
[19:33] Loverman: um... as far as I can tell, DAF only ever built rubber band cars, F3 rubber band racecars and semi-trucks with two engines that dominated Paris-Dakar
[19:33] Loverman: that is check and mate
[19:34] Davey G: They did not build the Traction Avant.
[19:34] Davey G: The 2CV.
[19:34] Davey G: The Mehari.
[19:34] Davey G: The DS.
[19:34] Davey G: The ID.
[19:34] Davey G: The SM.
[19:34] Davey G: The CX.
[19:34] Davey G: The FAF.
[19:34] Davey G: The Eiffel Tower neaver read "DAF"
[19:34] Loverman: Right, but everything they built was... DAFtastic
[19:35] Davey G: I'm sticking with Citroën.
[19:35] Loverman: DAF!
[19:35] Davey G: FAF!


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