Want Clearer Roads? Shut Some Of Them Down

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A recently completed study titled "The Price of Anarchy in Transportation Networks: Efficiency and Optimality Control" is throwing water in the face of conventional traffic flow theory, claiming fewer choices in route may lead to smoother traffic flow. The study posits that the choices made by individual drivers in an effort to reach their destinations as quickly as possible leads to the backups drivers face every day. By carefully limiting some of that choice, traffic may be moderated, resulting in fewer jams and reduced travel times. You know what else helps? Driving 62 billion fewer miles over nine months. [Wired]


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Rob Emslie

In other scientific revelations: Staring at the sun is actually good for your eyes. Drinking and driving? Oh hells yeah! And the best way to prevent getting V.D. from a tranny hooker with a thick, F.O.B. accent is to NOT wear a condom.

Next you'll be telling us that two day-old sushi is the key to salmonella prevention, and that Grenada Medical School 2nd years are your best bet for that tricky brain tumor surgery.

Geez, must be Friday, I'm feeling feisty.