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Want a Brand New Peugeot 504? Head To Nigeria!

Illustration for article titled Want a Brand New Peugeot 504? Head To Nigeria!

Supposedly the last of the African 504s was built a few years ago... yet the Peugeot Nigeria website still offers the 504 Configurator. You don't have a lot of options (though you can get a wagon), but it's a genuine late-60s-technology 504 that we must assume is built way better than the citrus-flavored examples that were shipped to North America back in the day. And the price? About $25,000 if you're showing up with dollars. Thanks to Franzouse for the tip! [Peugeot Nigeria]


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If I send them a money order for $50,000, will they send me back the $25,000 overpayment with the car? Minus shipping costs, of course.