Then go and buy one. That's right, you can have one of your very own for a mere $54,995 according to Hertz's fleet car sales site. Mixed in with the dreck up for sale are a few of the black-n-gold rent-a-racers and we just found one out at the Santa Clara sales site. It's sitting pretty with only 12,000 miles on it and we'd totally snag it too โ€” except we don't have $55K sitting around. Also, we just remembered how hard those 12,000 miles probably were. Like dog years, we're of the assumption that you've got to multiply rental car miles by seven to get the actual wear-and-tear number. But if you're interested, give them a call at (408) 296-1721. Maybe they'll even make you a deal and throw in some maps for free. (Hat tip to Kolby!)