Illustration for article titled Wald International Teases Black Bison Mercedes E-Class

Wald International takes the cake for the most bizarre custom line naming convention and will continue it with the 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class Black Bison Sports Package. A one-shot comic-book-villain named teaser's all we get.


The details are sparse, but this first look at the first aftermarket package for the new E-class goes the way of most Wald vehicles, with more aggressive front fascia with quad fog lamps, we're assuming it'll do the full-bodywork-monty and get custom fascias all around, big gaudy wheels and at least be lowered with a more taut suspension. From this front look, it's actually not too shabby, but we're betting the kind of money they'll be asking for puts you pretty close to the price range of the 2010 E-Class AMG. [Carscoop]


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