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There was a time that the word crossover was not associated with automobiles. Folks that needed a vehicle with space for a bunch of other folks, kids, and pic-a-nic baskets full of goodies loaded up into station wagons. Acres of genuine simulated wood trim was attached to even more acres of good old American iron. Large displacement V-8's were shoehorned under the hood to get everything moving. Of course it takes a special sort of wagon fan to stuff a built 426 Mopar wedge into a '64 Plymouth Savoy Wagon and run it into the tens out at the dragstrip. That man is Gaffo Jones. Wagons of Steel is what he does. To see what it takes to keep a Mopar heavy running into the tens and what an obsession with station wagons is really all about say hello to Gaffo. And no, it's not a hemi.

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