When some jerkola signals right and turns left right in front of you, or goes too slowly, or commits any one of the other moves from the Jerkola Driving Handbook, wouldn't you love the freedom to run that road hog off the road and then have your car instantly replaced by a new full-size sedan… whose driver has been following you for just this reason? SCROGGS, so inspired by the 2CV-versus-Bentley crash scene yesterday, has hipped us to a W. C. Fields film in which this is exactly what happens! Make the jump to read Richard's description and watch W.C. dispense a little vigilante road justice, 1932 style!

As a kid, I remember seeing a flick called If I Had A Million, where a dying millionaire gives away his money, $1,000,000 at a time, to random people. Husband and wife recipients, WC Fields and Alison Skipworth, dismayed that their new car has been destroyed by a "road hog," utilize part of their million dollars to purchase a fleet of cars and then smash up every road hog in sight! It's been my secret lottery fantasy ever since.