VW to Recall 790,000 Cars. Oof.

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The Car Company of the People will be sending out recall notices in April to 790,000 American purchasers of their product. The reason? A brake-light switch that may either leave the lights on or never illuminate them in the first place upon depression of the wide pedal. Affected? Glad you asked. Follow along and see if you won the lottery: 1999-2005 Golf and GTI; 1999-2005 Jettas and '02-05 Jetta wagons on the Mark IV platform; 1998-2007 New Beetles and '03-07 New Beetle convertibles, plus the '04 R32. Dang ol' dang, that sure is a mess o' switches.

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The local stealership did this recall for me last Thursday when I had the GTI ('03, 1.8T) in for some maintenance.

I had the same switch replaced, under an unpublished recall, about 3 years ago on my (since sold) '99.5 Jetta TDI. The brake switch's intermittent operation was causing the cruise control to dump out repeatedly, since it was making the controller think that I was hitting the break.