Somewhere between Denver and Kansas— actually, at High Plains Raceway in Colorado— the LeMons Supreme Court spent Friday checking alleged $500 race cars for possible cheating and/or general awesomeness. Some of the former, vast quantities of the latter!

It was inevitable that we'd get bribed with Rocky Mountain oysters, in this case a huge bag. Supposedly you're supposed to fry them.

Is that a turbocharged, intercooled, totally built B16 VTEC in a '92 Civic? 1001 penalty laps... and I might get the Chief Perp to claim it for 500 bucks, so's I can drop that engine in my underpowered D15 Civic.


The Speed Holes Racing 454-Chevy-powered, Jaguar IRS-equipped 1965 AMC Marlin was finished in time, as promised, and it sounds great! There's no way in hell we're going to give any penalty laps to a car like this. No way in hell.


The Rocket Surgery 1956 Renault 4CV, equipped with BMW 1800 rear suspension, mid-mounted VW Golf engine/Audi transaxle, and center driving position, made it to the inspection in not-quite-finished state. Also zero penalty laps!


Rocket Surgery and Speed Holes pitted next to each other, and (as you read this) the two teams are doing an all-night thrash to get the Renault finished in time for the green flag on Saturday morning. Here's Speed Holes team captain Bob installing a rules-mandated engine bulkhead.

It's the first-even 24 Hours of LeMons Plymouth Sapporo! We'd be slightly happier with a Fire Arrow, but this team has made us very, very happy.