VW Pickup Concept Revealed, Potentially Named "Pickup"

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Wow, yeah, these are apparently press shots of the VW Pickup concept to be revealed at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, Germany this week decked out in "Search and Rescue" gear. Well, sort of — they dropped some stickers on it and put some life preservers and a fire extinguisher in the back and called it a day. They also may have skimped on the name, because although we don't have it yet, there is a name on the back license plate — and it's simply "Pickup." Still, what's in a name anyway? Especially when that liftgate's pretty trick if you ask us. We're told to expect a press release soon on the VW pickup truck that's not called the "Robust." And does it really matter? Especially as we won't be getting it here anyway?