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VW Phaeton Exclusive: Because Maybe They'll Buy It If It's More Expensive

Illustration for article titled VW Phaeton Exclusive: Because Maybe Theyll Buy It If Its iMore/i Expensive

Legend speaks of the return of the Volkswagen Phaeton, a.k.a 'Piech's Pholly,' a.k.a. the VW sedan so mind-blowingly expensive, Americans wouldn't wrap their wallets around it. To combat the problem, Volkswagen has now made a version even more expensive.


The Exclusive trim is a "lifestyle" car with completely customizable options unavailable on any other Phaeton, a vehicle already loaded to the peak of its huge C-pillar. Still, we're hoping the "Exclusive" moniker isn't just a swipe it us, who are not exclusive enough to get the Phaeton again... yet.

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dislexicmofo the Gray

As long as the dome light and wheels are swappable into the mkIV golf i say go for it lol. That's the only reason they mad the last one right? was for cool golf/jetta accesories...