Illustration for article titled VW Jumps On Dirt Car Art Bandwagon With Touareg Ad

Volkswagen, always being one with the hip kids across the Internet, has jumped on one of the popular Internet trends from a couple years back: dirt car art. When "wash me" was too dull, artists like Scott Wade began taking the dirt-coated windows and creating some pretty spectacular designs and now Volkswagen has done the same (or at least simulated it with Photoshop wizardry) with the latest ad for the Touareg.


This ad jumps on the whole Touareg as a off-road and ourdoorsy kind of a vehicle by having a dirt and mud design that looks like a forest scene with mountain backdrop. Not too shabby, VW advertising firm, not too shabby. let's just hope no one hits the rear wiper button and starts a mudslide. [Neatorama]

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