VW Golf Sportsvan Concept Asks Again: 'Who Wants A Tall Golf?'

The Volkswagen Golf Plus has been offered since the Mark V in 2005 or so, but Americans have never had to consider it and wonder why anyone would need a taller, longer Golf hatchback instead of a wagon or a Tiguan. VW thinks it's a pretty big hit in other countries, though, so they've launched the Golf Sportsvan concept for the Frankfurt Motor Show. The successor to the Golf Plus will apparently look a lot like this.

Somewhere, this must have been the inspiration for BMW's 3 and 5-series GTs. The Sportsvan is basically a Golf hatch that's been made longer, wider and taller than the hatch for the sake of increased passenger space and a taller driving position – you know, like an SUV. Except it retains that carlike step-in height – you know, like a minivan. Or, for that matter, a hatchback. And then it has the same engines and mechanical bits as the Golf, which is actually a car.


According to VW, "The new Golf Sportsvan is a car in which Volkswagen once again brings the focus back to maximum on-board comfort." But then they talk about how the tall Golf "expresses dynamic proportions with its longer wheelbase, and the extremely prominent character line also unites objectivity and elegance." Even the center console apparently has a "sporty incline." I'm surprised they didn't capitalize the Sports in Sportsvan.

The Honda Civic Wagovan lookalike that is the Golf SPORTSvan probably going to stay off of the US product line as its predecessors have, which is a surprise given how much the typical American car buyer is actually interested in a higher driving position and more cargo space. Would you be interested in a Golf SPORTSvan and all of is dynamic-ness and comfort?


Photos: Volkswagen

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