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Man, somebody pulled a fast one on us like we were a trussed and gagged Helen Keller. A week ago we posted on the new supposedly-coming-soon Golf R37. We even had supposed spy shots of it. What we had were pictures of a 5th-Gen R32 with a bunch of crap tacked onto it for The Fast and the Furious 3. Reader Patrick tipped us off to the faux-ness of the claims and provided a link to a discussion at the Car Lounge that debunks the whole thing. There's also a good discussion over at VWvortex. One thing that should've tipped us off was the "FF3" logo on the hood. But because we don't read the tribal script of the bro-deo attendees, we missed it. Needless to say, in the words of San Pedro's finest, working men are pissed.

VW R37???!!! [The Car Lounge], Spy Photos: 2007 Volkswagen Golf R37 [Internal]