VW CEO Says Porsche Can Make Audi Its Bitch

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Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn has told Porsche it gets to take the lead in developing sports cars and big luxury sedans for Audi and the rest of the VW group. My, how the mighty have fallen.

Remember a year or so ago when Porsche was buying Volkswagen? Remember a year before that when Porsche was offering to allow VW the privilege of selling Audi to them? Or two years before that when Porsche was telling VW it was going to take away its "toys?"


And then remember when Porsche screwed all that up in the world's dumbest stock short squeeze ever? Now Porsche is just lucky Volkswagen deems them worthy enough to take the lead on development of new sports cars and luxury sedans over Audi. Oh, Porsche, you used to be a contender. Now you're just VW's bottom bitch.


Hat tip to Mike Austin on the creative concept!

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Jonathan Harper

Audi already is Porsche's bitch...

Porsche styling hasn't changed a whole lot over the years...same general profile for the 911 since it was born.

Audi seems to be following suit, making it's models looks so alike, it's hard to distinguish them, because they all look like the new A4.

The difference is, the 911 is a benchmark for sports cars, whereas the A4 is still just chasing the 3-series.

Maybe Audi should start styling their cars like BMW...