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VW Busbretta Isn't Quite Humiliating Enough

Illustration for article titled VW Busbretta Isnt Quite Humiliating Enough

Pardon us for still trying to wrap our brains around this whole Vespa modding trend, but here is another Vespa-style (it's actually a Lambretta, but details, details) scooter mutilation worthy of noting. Not only is this person driving scooter, but it's a scooter with a sidecar, a sidecar that is modified to look like a Volkswagen Bus. So, Jalopnik faithful, which would you least want to be caught in: the scooter or the sidecar? At least in the sidecar you could possibly duck down low enough to not be seen. [Presurfer]


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

I'm not one to hate bikes, I love bikes, I ride an old Honda XR but...

There's all these hip young groovy emo type wankers (douches) getting around on Vespas in the Sydney suburb of Newtown. They sort of shit me in a way. I don't know how or why but Vespas and their riders absolutely shit me.

It's the sound, the look, their smugness, the dangerously inexperienced way some ride.

I saw one malcheck stack it into the gutter on Erskinville Rd the other day. He was trying to ride up onto the sidewalk by slowing down and then gunning it up the gutter. The problem is the wheels are so small, he might as well hit a wall. The gutter was just about over half the height of the wheel!

I laughed heartily as I walked by (it wasn't a bad stack, low speed). Picking up his 2 wheeled dildo with a look of embarrassment. I noticed his shiny black and red paniers were cracked and all scratched up. Awwwe