VW Bus Stolen 35 Years Ago Found In Shipping Container

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Customs inspectors doing a routine inspection on a container on its way to Europe discovered a VW Bus which had been stolen 35 years ago inside. The recently restored Bus will be going to the insurance company, not the owner.

Turns out the Bus has led an interesting life since it was pilfered in Washington so many years ago. When the original owner reported it stolen, and the vehicle didn't turn up, Allstate settled the claim for a grand total of $2,500. It's been shuffled around since then, sold and resold and ended up in the hands of a restorer who completely renovated the van. It was on the way to the Netherlands, presumed a legitimately titled vehicle when it was seized by Port of LA customs officials. The estimated value? $25,000. Unsurprisingly, Allstate will be taking back it's van now, thank you very much. [LATimes]

Photo credit: Department of Homeland Security

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You're in good, sticky hands with Allstate.

Original owner was paid $2500 on a 10-year-old bus. Okay, not bad when you consider depreciation. We don't know what kind of shape it was in when stolen, but probably not fabulous - it was stolen from a repair shop after all. But dang - the restorer is getting it in the shorts. It sucks that he's getting screwed mightily on a vehicle that's been twisting in the wind since the 70s. You'd think they'd have caught up to it by now - I mean, c'mon. How many times has it been registered? How many times has it been sold? If it hadn't been for the brighter spotlight of getting tagged by DHS, Allstate might never have heard about it, and still wouldn't care.

Allstate has the opportunity to make an absolute PR bonanza out of this, but I'm betting they're going to go for the money instead. #vwbus