VW Accuses Lamborghini Of Orange County Of Stealing $12 Million

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Fargo, the Coen brother's 1996 cult-film, was an outrageous tale of an embezzling car salesman and his plot to kidnap his wife. The owners of Lamborghini of Orange County have the embezzling part down.


VW has filed suit against Lamborghini Orange County and it's sister-dealership, Lamborghini Calabasas, in Orange County Superior Court claiming that owner Vik Keuylian and his sisters Asdghig, Nora and Sossi Keuylian sold 54 cars in 8 days without repaying VW Credit - the true owner of the cars.

Lamborghini O.C. was the largest Lamborghini dealership in the world before it unexpectedly closed without explanation in November of 2008. Court documents are slowly starting to tell the story of why they closed up shop so quickly and silently. In the lawsuit filed by VW it says that VW Credit financed the cost of Lamborghini O.C.'s inventory in advance of sale, but they're not sure where the proceeds ended up because they certainly didn't receive the money.

The Keuylian's attorney, Jeffrey Gubernick, declined to comment on VW's allegations because the case is still under litigation and has yet to respond to the allegations of the suit, but a hearing is scheduled for January 22nd.

While this is certainly a big blow for the Keuylians, it's not the only lawsuit they are facing. A separate suit was filed in Orange County Superior Court by East-West Bank. They claim that the Lamborghini O.C. defaulted on a $3 million loan by failing to make payments in November and December of 2008. Another lawsuit was filed in Las Vegas is seeking $340,000 for failing to pay for a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago, formerly owned by the owner of Diamond Resorts, Stephen Cloobeck.

We'll be watching out for updates on this sensational story as they become available, but we have one major question about this suit; How in the hell do you sell 54 Lamborghinis in 8 days? That's 8% of Lamborghini's total U.S. sales for 2008. All we have to say is watch yourself Keuylians and don't trip and fall into any tree shredders.

[via OC Register]


I suggest Cerebus hire this guy immedietly. The Feds should make it mandatory. If he can sell 54 Lambo's even below cost in 8 days he might be the only hope to unload some of their inventory.