Vote For The Best GEM Peapod Photochop Entries

Once again our readers enthusiastically answer the call, this time to chop and rework the GEM Peapod. The resulting 42 entries range from cute and cuddly Peapods to nightmare fuel Peapods — and everything in between. Browse through the entries and pick your favorite based on skill (or amusing lack thereof), clever use of the Peapod and plain old amusement factor. We're not going to sway the judging, but there are definitely some standouts. Anyway, good luck, and may the best photoshoppers win.
Update: The contest got a shot in the arm when GEM offered an iPod Touch to the winner. As a result we've reopened the contest to all interested. For details and rules check out the new and improved GEM Peapod Photoshop Contest: Now With iPod Touch Grand Prize


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