Vorsprung Durch Skifahren? Audi S4 Snow Skis Through... San Francisco?!

We don't get the 333 HP 2009 Audi S4 here in the US just yet, but that doesn't mean it can't be advertised in Germany with downhill skiing through the streets of San Francisco. Huh?

We're not going to say the commercial isn't cool, it's actually a pretty slick one, but it certainly doesn't make any sense. Why not just shoot the actual car bombing down the streets of San Fran weaving in and out of construction barrels and diving between cable cars instead of using the red-festooned green-screened downhill skier as a metaphorical stand-in? Who are we kidding, that wouldn't be nearly artsy enough for an Audi ad. [Youtube via LuxVelocity]

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i like the commercial, and one reason they didn't use the car is because they can show a skier doing more nimble but also more illegal stuff, whereas if they used the s4 they would get criticized for promoting illegal driving. at least here in the US.