Vonnegut's reflections on Saab still ring true

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With Saab’s official passing this past week it seems only appropriate to look back at the reflections of the quirky Swedes from a literary great and one time Saab salesman. Kurt Vonnegut owned and operated Saab of Cape Cod until it closed in 1961 in West Barnstable, Ma giving him plenty of time to reflect on the one of a kind nature of an old Saab.

Whether or not it was the result of growing up on the very road Vonnegut’s dealership was on, I developed an affinity for both the author’s literary work and the two stroke Swedish cars he sold as I got older. For this reason when I read about the death of Saab this past week Vonnegut’s amusingly insightful description of the carmakers roots immediately came to mind:

“The Saab back then was a far cry from the sleek, powerful, four-stroke Yuppie uniform it is today. It was the wet dream, if you like, of engineers in an airplane factory who had never made a car before.”


You can read Kurt Vonnegut’s 2004 reflections on his time as a Saab dealer in full here.

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Ex. President Mack41

Saab has been basically dead for almost 20 years. You can blame GM and they hold much responsibility but the fact remains the last truly cool Saab, the last quirky and truly cool thing to come out of the factory, was the 900 which ended production in 93, almost 20 years ago. If this outpouring of affection and nostalgia had occurred sooner perhaps things would be different. It'd be like Fiat killing Lancia tomorrow. Lancia is my favorite marque but there hasn't been a car worthy of the bane since, what do you know, 93 so no tears would be shed, they already have been. At least Pontiac had been a couple years into turning themselves around which made their closing much more upsetting. The Saab story is getting old