Volvo Successfully Tests Autonomous Road Trains

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Researchers successfully tested a Volvo "slaved" to a truck in a test of technology designed to let drivers focus on anything but driving. The goal is to create "platoons" of undriven cars to lower congestion and boost safety. Scary. [BBCNews]



I remember this being discussed on Kotaku or something not too long ago.

Here's my problem: what happens when the driver of the lead truck decides to take a nap because he's been jacked up on meth and cheeseburgers for the last four days and drives into on-coming traffic? What are drivers of the following cars to do with hand fulls of bagels, cellphones, coffee and pornography? Will there be a system to alert the driver to take over? What kind of elements have been put in place in case of such a catastrophe?

Fuck it, I guess. They're mostly be Chinese Volvos and Prii anyways, right?