Volvo Made A Genius Charging System Just To Troll Other Automakers

Roads that sap energy from passing cars don’t work in the real world. At the very least, they’re expensive as hell to build and maintain. None of that stopped Volvo from trolling other cars driving on one with an XC90, however.

Does a Volvo XC90 need to be charged by other cars on the road, like some sort of weird vampire? Hell no. It is, I’m guessing, probably quite inefficient! That damn Volvo probably had to sit there for something like a billion days just to get it charged halfway.


So, is this dumb and pointless? Yes. But is it also super-trolly and great? Hell yes.

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Driving over those tubes causes additional resistance against the tires of the passing cars? That resistance would cause those cars to spend more energy to maintain speed.

They are not finding purely wasted energy. They’re stealing it from other car’s engines in a very wasteful way.

Yes, there are ways to recoup wasted energy, such as regenerative breaking or using exhaust heat. This is NOT neutral.

It’s a fun troll but it’s bad science.